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coinsIt’s harder than you might think to track down good thrifty living blogs (I’m not including mysefl in that category, by the way; I’m interested in the thrifty living thing but it’s not the main reason for being behind my blog, just an offshoot of the homemaking thing). Some of them are really for the hardcore greener-than-green frugalists, and while that’s interesting for a while, it tends to leave me with a feeling of desparation. You know, the “I’ll never be able to live up to this” kind, with a touch of “Nothing I do will make any difference” for good measure. There’s also a fair few thrifty living blogs based on the other side of the Atlantic, which again are nice to look at but limited use if you want practical tips that work over here.

But, I’ve been browsing and looking for thrifty blogs for a while, so to save you the work, here is one of the best that I’ve found:

  • Miss Thrifty – a really nice-looking site (damn, I wish I was better at the technology stuff) based in Yorkshire with loads of tips. She’s been featured all over the place and won Cosmpoliton’s best lifestyle blog in 2011. I found this particularly useful post about car boot fair selling which I’m hoping to have a go at myself later this year, as my Green Metropolis trade has slowed to the pace of a geriatric snail and my clearing out has also turned up a fair few things which aren’t worth putting on Ebay because the postage would seriously outweigh the price I’d get.

I’m still looking, so if I come across some more, I’ll share the links in a future post.

And if you’re wondering why this post is a bit light for a Frugal Friday, you can blame Channel 4. No, really. Anyone else been watching the re-runs of Superscrimpers? I know, bad housewife, running up the electricity bill to watch trashy daytime TV instead of doing something productive. Very bad. But I wanted to do something where I didn’t have to think too much, having burned out that capacity in a particularly bad week of work (I’m back, but part time). And in my defence, I was multi-tasking while I watched, making up nappies, pairing socks, making Little Girl a new hat from seriously chunky wool, and starting on a pram blanket as a present for a friend who’s expecting.

Anyway, back on topic… Whatever I may think about this type of TV in general, Superscrimpers does come with a lot of good tips for saving a little here, a little there, which is just the way I like to do it. There were masterclasses on things like upcycling old clothing and basic car maintenance. And at the end of every episode, along came Mrs Moneypenny telling us to go to the Channel 4 website where the scrapbook feature allows you to collect and store loads of tips from the series. So I was planning on directing you all there. Except when I actually logged onto the scrapbook… well, it was a bit pants, really. There’s a few bits and pieces in there that are useful, and some links to the private blogs of some of the presenters (including a forager in Brighton – how exciting! Though she seems to be even more sporadic than me in her updating.) but nothing like the amount of content of the shows. I was very disappointed. Here’s the link anyway; you may find something useful on there, and you can re-watch some of the episodes via their on demand service.

And I’ve definately learnt that lesson; no relying on an external source for my blog posts unless I’ve checked it out properly myself.

See you soon!

One thought on “Frugal Friday – thrifty living blogs

  1. Thank you so much for the recommendation! I am pleased you found the car boot sale post useful, too – it’s difficult (for me, anyway) to do them here in North Yorkshire at this time of year without getting hypothermia, so I’m hanging out for the weather to warm up again… ;)

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